I am attempting to grow a plant that my cat doesn’t eat for once. So I am growing this cilantro outside. I don’t even know if it will grow in this weather.


Yesterday I had this amazing Caesar salad. I used a recipe from Hotforfood. If you are not familiar, it is an amazing vegan youtube channel and blog.

Today is easter and I am spending the day in my home town. In the morning I am going to a buffet at the bowling alley with my guy’s family, and a little later I am going to my mom’s.

Happy Easter!




I left work early today and ate some of this leftover stirfry on the deck with my cat.


Today was such a long day. I had so much anxiety before my skills test, now I feel so drained. I am going to bed early, hopefully then I will wake up on time tomorrow so I can stop by the gym before work.

I am so glad to be done with that test, even though I have yet to find out whether I passed or failed it. It is just a relief to have it behind me. The rest of this week will be a breeze.

I think I am going back home for easter. Other then that, I will mainly be resting and getting organized this weekend. Maybe I will study for my next exam. School is almost over. I am almost there. XX



Dreaming about this view. This was from my trip to Florida last year.

Take me back.

I am looking for a camera to purchase for my cruise. I want to capture as much as I can on this next trip.

Today I can’t seem to find my brain, I have been looking over old pictures all day. I haven’t done anything to prepare for my skills test that I have tonight.

I am going to try to get some things done in the next hour and possibly leave work early to get something to eat at home before class.

Maybe the second half of my day will be more productive. XX



My yogi kitten.

After last night I feel accomplished. I studied for my nutrition exam that I have later tonight. Hopefully that will go well.
I have a skills test for lab tomorrow. I am very nervous about that. After that though, I will only have 4 more days of clinicals and 2 more big exams and I will finally be able to breathe again.

Today I am going to make flash cards while at work to study for the test I have tonight. When I get home I need to practice for my skills test.

Breathe. Focus. Good things are coming.



On a mission to eat healthier.

So far today I have eaten a veggie breakfast burrito, some steamed mixed veggies, and this bowl of spaghetti squash pasta… and some vegan cookie dough. I really want to be skinny again. I plan on going to the gym in the morning.

Tonight I have to go to lecture. When I get home I will prepare for my nutrition exam by listening to some powerpoints. Maybe I will do some yoga or squats. More to come.


Recently I have lost focus on my personal happiness, and I am trying to find things to focus on to get me through this difficult time.

Something that is fast approaching that makes me incredibly excited is summer. Summer will give me a freedom I have been lacking. School will be done temporarily. I can’t begin to imagine what it will be like to be done with school for good. What a drag it is to have something to do constantly. Summer also means the good fruit will be in season. Hiking, biking, swimming in my parents pool. I can sleep in on the weekends again and stay up late sometimes playing games.

And in a while from now, I will take the dreaded NCLEX, and being that i pass, I will have my associates degree in nursing. Then, one month later, I will be going on potentially my best trip to date. I am going on a 7 night cruise with my boyfriend (and my dad and little sister). 453 days to go.

Up until that trip, I will be working my butt off trying to lose weight. I need to lose maybe 30 pounds. Stay tuned.