I have so much going on, and so many things I am worrying about. 

I am trying to find how to be inspired. 

Today has been filled with anxiety and anger, and I am sick of feeling like this sometimes. I feel like I need a few weeks off, where I have zero concerns or responsibilities. I need an escape.

I am going on a cruise in 103 days. I can do this. I will pass my second semester in the program. Then I can relax for a month and enjoy a long vacation with the people I care about. 

I live for moments like this. The calm. The safe. I just have to remember what this feels like. 

Find something that inspires you today. xx


One thought on “How.

  1. allangilmour says:

    Mr Midnight and Sir Winston, from the blog “Gilmours Nice Place”, say just look at your cute pussy cats. They´re not worried about anything. Cats just enjoy life (when they are left to their own devices). Sir Winston adds that “worrying” curbs creativity and that is probably why you feel tired while searching for inspiration. Mr Midnight wanted to also say the inspiration “happens” and is not something one can conciously program with the brain.
    Meow from Mr Midnight, purr purr from Sir Winston and a big, warm thank you from myself for posting your article. 🙂

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