This, and this alone, is what’s keeping me going. It is the sole reason I am still floating through this program. I have to finish the semester so I can get back here. This is what I am working towards.

I have been close to my breaking point on multiple occasions recently. This month hasn’t been very kind to me. 

After tonight, I have 11 days that I have to come to school, and it seems like an overwhelming amount of assignments and exams left. But I think I can do this. I can get through it.

Today they dropped a bomb on my class, that the weekend for class has flipped to the alternate weekend: the weekend I work. I don’t understand how they can morally do this to us. First they make us all rearrange our lives so that we can come to school every other Friday. Now they want us all to go crawling to out bosses to have them switch our schedules to the opposite week? I can’t wait to be finished with this school. 

On a positive note, this fact doesn’t affect me until after my vacation. So I will continue on with the present semester’s issues, and worry about that afterwards.


I am feeling blessed. And I am.


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